September Challenge (Happy 26, Lin!)

Lina Shabrina
1 min readAug 25, 2022

Holla! I will be 26; I am seeking something meaningful to do and (Such) growth events.

It will be written before it hits September, but I am beyond grateful so far. I wonder how peaceful I am right now and realize I will hit another bottom line of the world one day.

Here I am now! Sitting at the Quality office, I wondered— I simultaneously felt so stuck and bored. I found August had so much fun and was slightly drained due to people lately. It’s already hit break time, but I still sit at the office. Asking to myself: What’s next, Lin?

While scrolling the medium homepage, I discovered the challenge that may excite me more about this stuff.

Source: medium, what to write during the 30 days of September

What was listed above was engaging, and I could find out the hidden things in my emotion through writing. There were about seven stories listed on my homepage, and I will let them be memoirs of my feeling.

Okay, I will see you when I see you!



Lina Shabrina

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