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Hello folks! Jakarta has been very so Hot and Cold, Lately. Plus, catastrophes come up one by one in several areas in Java, Indonesia. I hope you guys are in a very good situation and condition as well.

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It is already hit December. Yesterday, I still gamble about which boot camps I should take. First, I was very interested in the Digital Marketing course. I listed the plus and minus why I should take this class. But at the end of the payment process, I canceled it and took a step back to think.

Living in this era sometimes pushes us to go beyond. Everything is integrated. The Latest news said, Pa Anies Baswedan is appreciated because of his policy to make Jakarta more Integrated with All-in-One Solution Apps named JAKI. Well, I envy those who contribute to the success of the Apps, anyway. I wished I was one of them. I believe the potential of JAKI APPS to make the birocracy more seamless for citizens.

Jakarta is the most high-paced city I’ve ever known. But, back to Jakarta from Cikande, was eye-mesmerizing week by week. Jakarta is NOW very MILLENIALS-FRIENDLY (I supposed). After all, I still hate Jakarta due to the traffic jam.

Different from my Life in another urban city, Cikande is very different all along. The culture, the Language, the Environment, The Life Pace. Everything sometimes felt (SO-SLOW) — No wonder. However, I enjoyed my life a lot at Cikande. There are several hidden gems I should conquer by visiting them.

Here’s my List: (1) Visit Ujung Kulon (2) Visit Pandeglang (3) Visit Pulosari

The Steadiness I’ve experienced in Cikande somehow makes me worry and pushes me to try something different to develop myself. I tried several courses to add my revenue, either as a speaker or copywriter. But, it is still does not satisfy my inner calls to contribute to others.

Lately, I realized that my current job in Quality Control is hardly separated by Data. Working as A Quality Control in Manufacturing Industry is about collecting, analyzing, and visualizing it. But, I think, there is still the missing link on how we used our data to make decision. Some of us still don’t aware in the power of data itself. So, i think it can be my mission to contribute more by making a good insight from raw data i daily collect.

So then, I decide to get to know more about on how being Data analyst or Data scientist. The difference between them, you can google more in the other article.


So Far, Data Scientist Boot camps tell me about the Power of Data itself.

I learn how: (1) Data can persuade the policy to make effective decisions ; (2) Direct people to follow the Policy; (3) We create new Mainstreams. How powerful is it, right? But being Data scientist is very broad definition. It is not only you learn the machine learning or AI…

We live very close to Data, in un-patterned things, someone believes that everything is Repeated.

As Jakarta Citizen, My mom should wake up at 5.00 AM, prepare Breakfast, and go to work at 5.30 AM, because if she is late only 5 minutes. The traffic will come up with students and workers. And, If she is late, she will take another long rat road to avoid the traffic and arrive at Her office on time.

There is a lot more benefit we know about data. I think by learning the data, we learn the habits and Also the Culture. There are so many variables we need to collect. Plus, we can encourage the policy/management to take relevant solution for the citizens/business

Another usage of Data is that Kill the wrong assumption by the Proven Data

Last but Not Least: There is a favorite quote of all time. Knowledge is Powerful, and Now; Data is the New Gold.

I try to learn more about Data Science at:

Very Insightful Podcast, anyway!



Hello Readers! Thank you for being here — people call me Lina. For some reason, I do Journaling to have a state of peace in mind.

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Lina Shabrina

Hello Readers! Thank you for being here — people call me Lina. For some reason, I do Journaling to have a state of peace in mind.